Aged Care Counselling


There has been a significant increase in the number of elderly transitioning to permanent care, signifying a greater need for psychological support. Placing a family member into care can be life changing. There are many factors, both physically and psychologically, that may arise which families sometimes find too difficult to cope with by themselves.

There are organisations such as Southern Downs Counselling & Psychotherapy which offer independent, non-judgmental service, which can explore the subtleties of each situation and offer caring support.


When Guilt Kicks In

Family members can sometimes make great assumptions about the needs of one another without having honest conversations and preparations in place.


Families can become divided by their beliefs and opinions about what is ‘best’ for their elderly loved one.


The ever increasing momentum that develops during this tumultuous time may not end when you have finally found an aged care home for your loved one. In fact, it may signal of deeper guilt and remorse of placing a loved one in care.


Guilt can sometimes be the hardest emotion to cope with. Obtaining professional support may relieve you from negative beliefs and provide you with coping skills which can ease the difficult journey towards placing a loved one in care.