QAS - Priority One

Priority One is the Queensland Ambulance Service Staff Support Service that exists to promote the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of ambulance personnel and their immediate family.


Self Referral Counselling

The QAS has made a commitment to the wellbeing of ambulance personnel and their immediate family by providing a personal counselling service. Within each LASN there are external counsellors available to be used by any QAS ambulance personnel, their partner and any dependent children they have.


Comprising of psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and social workers, each counsellor is individually selected based on their suitability for the role and offers QAS staff and their family members:

  • Free face-to-face professional counselling in person, or via video conferencing

  • Initially 6 sessions around each challenge (work related and/or personal), with the availability of additional sessions if needed

  • Confidentiality and privacy assured

  • You do not need to obtain permission to use the service - to make an appointment call 0474 782 727 or Click Here to leave your details and we will call you back as soon as possible. 


This service is accessible from anywhere in Queensland. It is confidential, and you are free to discuss any matter - this is not restricted to work issues. The service is exclusively for ambulance employees and volunteers and their immediate family in the interests of health and wellbeing and is especially useful for people in remote areas, simply call 0474 782 727 or Click Here and leave your name and call-back number and a counsellor will return your call as soon as they are available.

Please note that this is not a crisis line and the on-duty counsellor will return your call as soon as they are available to do so.