Career Counselling

At many points in our working lives we make decisions about the job we are doing, or the job that we would prefer to be doing. Obtaining professional advice can be an important part of this life-changing process. 

Career Counselling is designed to help you identify your ideal career so you can enjoy every day rather than spend all week counting down the days until the weekend. Life is too short to stay in a job you hate! We will work with you to help you find your passion, move forward in your career and achieve your full potential.

With more than 40 years experience in global Human Resources Management, we are experts in the field with a wealth of experience across a variety of industries. We have extensive knowledge of a wide range of occupations and will give you professional, independent advice on your career, training and employment options. We have a strong commitment to client satisfaction and will ensure that you receive the best guidance available to help you to move forward in your career. 

We are able to see you in our rooms in Brisbane, Warwick or Stanthorpe for three, one hour sessions spread over a five-week period (home visits are also available): 

  • Week 1. During your first session you will be asked you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire that helps to determine the most appropriate career groups for you. 

  • Week 2. During your second session, a week later, we will go through your results with you and give you advice on your career, course and employment options.  

  • Week 5. During your third session, a month later, we will review and refine your career development plan, mapping any changes in line with your progress and goals. 


To Make an Enquiry or a Booking

Please call 0474 782 727 or email We will tell you how to connect to our confidential online counselling service.

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