Family Mediation

Family mediationconnects parents with mediators to bring mediation processes to separating families and those in dispute.

We assist couples and families to develop a cooperative approach with online mediation and to resolve property matters without going to court.

We support couples affected by separation and divorce to sort out family disputes and disagreements in a cost-effective manner online.

Separation and divorce are stressful times for everyone, especially where children are involved; it puts an emotional strain on everyone involved. Online mediation is a secure, convenient and confidential way for individuals to resolve their separation, family and property disputes.

Experience has shown us that online communication using videoconferencing allows busy people, individuals who may be home-bound, those who live in different states or countries, or those who have difficulties confronting one another in person, to have the opportunity to be heard and, with our hel, resolve their differences.

Online dispute resolution mediators work to suit the the parties’ needs and schedules, including evenings and weekends if needed.

Family mediation doesn’t focus on the emotional side of relationships. It concentrates on resolving specific disputes. Our mediators have a long history of settling disputes and a wealth of experience.

Mediation is a quick and easy process that makes conflicts manageable and helps to bring you to a workable plan for resolve. It is cost effective and efficient. Mediators don’t take sides, we just help the parties to come to a mutually agreed resolution of their differences.