Farmers & Graziers

Staying healthy and well is important in good times and trying times. Drought, flood, bushfires and change in prices can be a trying time for many farmers and we provide counselling and psychotherapy services to farmers who are suffering the effects of anxiety and stress, and their families.


People have all kinds of reasons for coming to counselling. Usually, they are suffering because of a challenge or difficulty. We believe in harnessing our clients’ inner power to adapt and grow; becoming truer to their authentic self. People who undertake counselling often go through a process of transformational change. We see this happen time after time. We provide a safe environment where you can discuss your struggles in complete confidence.


The times when we least feel like looking after ourselves are when we need to do it the most. Our counsellors are trained in a comprehensive range of counselling and psychotherapy techniques and can help you with:

  • The impact of drought, flood, fire and poor prices 

  • Complex trauma, PTSD and stress-related issues

  • Mood disorders, such as depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Relationship and interpersonal difficulties


Counselling won’t be right for everybody – nothing ever is!  We recommend that you talk things through with a counsellor and  receive our input on how therapy can help in your particular circumstances.

Appointments can be made by calling 0474 782 727