Graeme Senior is a qualified Clinical Psychotherapist with post graduate training in Hypnotherapy which he uses as an adjunct to other psychotherapeutic clinical modalities.

  • Do you have habitual behaviour that you can’t control?

  • Is it causing you great embarrassment with other people?

  • Has that habit got to a stage where it is harming your life?

  • Are you seeking professional help to break that habit?

Hypnotherapy is used in a clinical setting along with Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help people overcome unwanted habits. These habits may include: smoking, drinking, gambling, nail biting, hair pulling, picking, scratching, head nodding, twitching, teeth grinding, offensive behaviours and negative comments that may offend other people.

You may even be aware that you are doing those things but seemed unable to stop yourself. The habit may have been present for many years or in some cases lifelong and you have simply laboured along with the belief that it could not be changed. You may even have been given medications to help you cope with the situation that might even have had unwanted side effects.

Habits are programmed repetitive behaviours. Maybe you developed the habit as a child or in reaction to a certain situation. The habit itself may even have originally served a purpose, but as time passed you’ve kept doing the same behaviour when it no longer serves a useful purpose.

The good news is that since you were programmed to do that habit, you can also be de-programmed through hypnotherapy to stop doing that habit or to do something else instead.

So, if the habit is a behaviour, it can be re-programmed with hypnotherapy.

Did you know that hypnotherapy allows us to re-program parts of your brain fast? Not only are we able to suggest to your unconscious mind a change of behaviour but are also able to retrain your automatic actions and reactions, fast.

It does not really matter what the habit is that you wish to no longer have, as the process we use hypnotically can be used to rid people of a whole host of unwanted behaviours.

This will relieve you of the stress and upset you have experienced in performing the habit and help you have new behaviours that will actually serve you to make your life more comfortable.

There is also the added benefit that Hypnotherapy can be a very pleasant experience and help you feel far more relaxed generally.

If you have an unwanted habit you’d like to overcome with hypnotherapy call (07) 4681 1042 to make an appointment.