What is the NDIS?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of providing people with disability across Australia with support to meet their disability needs and link with their community.


The scheme supports people with permanent and significant disability to take part in everyday activities. This includes people whose disability is an intellectual, sensory or physical impairment, or a psychiatric condition. The scheme also provides early intervention to young children with disability to help them develop skills to take part in their daily lives.


Under the NDIS, people who meet the eligibility criteria (called Participants) can access supports that are related to their disability. Reasonable and necessary supports enable people with disability to live in the community and work towards their goals and aspirations. Disability supports are described in a Participant Plan and this support is provided over a person’s life time.


Participants receive individual funding and have choice and control over their disability supports, including being able to choose the service provider to provide their supports, and how the supports and services are delivered and managed.


Eligible people with disability who live in the Southern Downs can now access supports and services funded by the NDIS.


Key points:

You are eligible for the NDIS if you:

  • Are under 65 years of age; and

  • Are an australian citizen or resident or permanent visa holder; and

  • Meet the disability or early intervention requirements.

Your eligibility for access to the NDIS is determined by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).


The NDIS Process

Step 1: NDIS contact, eligibility and access

Find out about your eligibility for the NDIS at www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/what-ndis


Step 2: Getting NDIS Participant Plan ready

Ahead of your planning session with the NDIA Planner, think about what you need and want to achieve your goals.


Step 3: Your NDIS planning session

Develop a Participant Plan that is going to suit your situation. You can take a support person to the planning session with the NDIA Planner to assist you through this process.


Step 4: Selecting a service provider

Participants can choose the service providers that best meet their needs.

Southern Downs Counselling and Psychotherapy can offer a range of supports and services to suit your needs.


After your planning meeting, the NDIA will provide you with your Participant Plan detailing the funding and support you can access.

You can request to be put in touch with Southern Downs Counselling and Psychotherapy on 0474 782 727 or you can get in touch with us yourself.


Southern Downs Counselling and Psychotherapy is a registered provider of counselling and psychotherapy services on the Australian Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (ARPAC Registration Number 12072).


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How is the NDIS different to the old system?

The old system provided funding to organisations who then provided services to people with disability. The NDIS gives control of the funding directly to the person with disability, who can then access the service provider they choose.


Q2. How do I find out about the disability and early intervention requirements?

You can find information about the disability and early intervention requirements on the national NDIS website, www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/what- ndis.


Q3. What support is available for Participants?

Support available under the NDIS is designed to enable you to connect with your community, gain employment and live an ordinary life. The reasonable and necessary support must relate to your disability and help you achieve your goals and needs. It may include things like travel (to get to employment or school or access the community); support around the home (gardening, learning how to cook meals independently); or improving your ability to stay independent, which may include training and therapy on orientation and mobility, or physiotherapy or occupational therapy.


Q4. How do people access the NDIS?

People who live in the Southern Downs are now able to access the NDIS. A guide to the access requirements for the NDIS can be found at www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/what- ndis or you can phone them on 1800 800 110 to ask about eligibility for the NDIS.

Q5. What is a Participant Plan?

A Participant Plan sets out the individual supports and services for a Participant. The Plan is based on your planning meeting with the NDIA and reflects your goals and the supports and services you need to achieve them. After the planning process is complete, you will be provided with your Participant Plan, which outlines the support and funding available to you for the time of your plan which is usually one year. You may use this funding to engage the service provider of your choice to provide the supports and services set out in your plan.


Q6. What is goal setting and why is it important?

The NDIA Planner will discuss your goals and your needs, and the support you need to meet these goals. Goal setting is important because it will determine the types of supports and services included in your Participant Plan. For example, if your goal is to independently travel to your community activities, the NDIA Planner will work with you to identify the support you need to achieve this. It may mean you receive funding for transport, mobility, along with some assistive technology to help navigate your way around the community. It’s important to remember that every Participant Plan is different, even if the goals are similar.